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UCS™ Debridement


UCS debridement is a sterile, pre-moistened single-use cloth that can be used to debride wounds, as well as cleansing periwound skin. Its active ingredients include aloe vera barbadensis leaf juice, allantoin and poloxamer. It is a class 2B medical device and is available on prescription in the UK.

The mild cleansing solution within the cloth enables it to moisten and soften the skin without damaging healthy cells, while effectively removing necrotic tissue and debris from the wound bed, and thereby accelerating the healing process.

Before treatment with UCS debridement pad.

After treatment using one UCS debridement pad.

Being safe and simple to use, means that it can be included in a patient’s self-care plan. Its immediate mode of action also ensures that the cloth does not inhibit the formation of granulation tissue, and any type of dressing can subsequently be used.

UCS debridement is available on FP10/GP10.

medi UK Ltd
Plough Lane

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UCS™ Debridement

Indications and contraindications


  • Chronic and acute wounds
  • Ulcers of all types
  • Pressure ulcers
  • First and second-degree burns
  • Peri-stomal skin
  • Ports of entry of catheters, PEG/PEJ
  • To remove encrusted bandages from wounds
  • Hyperkeratosis.


  • If there is a high risk of haemorrhage, the wound bed should not be touched.

Performance indicators

  • Pre-moistened with an anallergic solution to soften necrotic tissue, plaque, fibrin and slough
  • Reduces odour
  • The special weave of the gauze traps debris (necrotic tissue, slough, etc) and biofilm atraumatically within its fibres
  • Solution aids cleansing and hydration of periwound skin
  • Reduces pain, thereby increasing patient concordance
  • Helps to remove biofilms
  • Its mode of action causes no bleeding or damage/trauma to granulation tissue
  • Single, sterile packaging prevents any contamination of wounds
  • Quick and easy to use in any care setting
  • Offers cost-savings compared to other physical debridement methods.

How to use

Pack size

Individual sterile foil packs

10 per box

Box code: DT500

PIP 384-4271

Price: £3.25 each,£32.50 per box

Evidence base

Serantoni S, Palumbo FP, Abbritti F. Evaluation of a new mechanical debridement system. medi UK, data on file

This study evaluated the efficacy of UCS Debridement to debride 55 non-healing, chronic leg ulcers (of different aetiologies and stages of healing) and remove hyperkeratosis in patients ranging from 55–88 years.

The authors found that the cloth performed as well as traditional gauze at dressing changes, but in a shorter timeframe and with the patient experiencing less pain (evaluated with a VAS of 0–1). Only one case needed anaesthetic ointment due to the condition of their wound.

The authors concluded that UCS Debridement was ‘very efficacious’, allowing wounds to be cleaned and debrided quickly and effectively, without damaging tissue present or surrounding skin. It was highlighted that this system would be particularly useful in a home or outpatient setting, where easy-to-use products are vital.